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These articles give more explanation about how to use spatstat. Article [1] covers basic use of the package. Article [2] explains how to fit models to point pattern data.
[1] A. Baddeley and R. Turner
Spatstat: an R package for analyzing spatial point patterns
Journal of Statistical Software 12: 6 (2005) 1-42. ISSN: 1548-7660

[2] A. Baddeley and R. Turner
Modelling spatial point patterns in R.
Chapter 2, pages 23-74 in
In Case Studies in Spatial Point Pattern Modelling (eds. A. Baddeley, P. Gregori, J. Mateu, R. Stoica and D. Stoyan)
Lecture Notes in Statistics 185. New York: Springer-Verlag 2006. ISBN: 0-387-28311-0

[3] Analysing Spatial Point Patterns in R.
Workshop Notes.
Published online by CSIRO, Australia, 10 february 2008.


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